We're Rolling Real Heavy In Today's Virtual Off-Road Livestream

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Welcome back to Talkin’ Trucks and Gettin’ Stuck, Jalopnik’s unofficial Twitch show, where I beam an hour or so of narrated virtual off-roading out into the internet for you to enjoy. Hop into the chat and let’s discuss trucks!

For those of you who are checking this out for the first time: Every(ish) Tuesday at 4 p.m. pacific/7 p.m. eastern, I host one of these little adventure tours via my Xbox. And so far, every time I post it to Jalopnik, a bunch of people have ended up joining the Twitch chat which makes it a great opportunity to interact with readers. It’s also an excuse for me to play video games during business hours, so, here we are!


On today’s adventure, well, I’m not entirely sure where we’re going but I do know I’ve unlocked some new (extra large) trucks in the game so we’re going to figure out how to put them to work.

I’m usually able to figure out a way to give our show some structure so we’ll focus on moving huge machines around SnowRunner’s fictional off-road environments.


If people want to ask me questions about big trucks, I’ll do my best to answer. If you’d rather talk about other elements of automotive news (I hear there’s a new Ford SUV out or something?) feel free to drop questions about that in the chat as well.

Quick note though: You do need to click into the Twitch stream for me to see your comment... I won’t be able to check the comments on this post in real-time.

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Nate with shorter name

Are they ever going to offer this on PC?

(EGS doesn’t count)