We're Hanging Out With Clarkson, May And Hammond! What Should We Ask Them?

(Image via Amazon)
(Image via Amazon)

First thing (Pacific Time) Monday morning, I’ll be sitting down with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond as they promote their new show The Grand Tour to talk about... well what should we talk about?


The Grand Tour hosts, maybe better known as the former faces of BBC’s Top Gear, are in California to pimp the new Amazon Prime show, and barring any future disasters, Jalopnik gets 30 minutes with them in a Hollywood hotel room. Looks like Amazon’s really making these poor bastards earn their paychecks.

Luckily we’re here to reap the benefits for your sake, dear readers. Actually we’re going to put you to work too: since we can’t fit all of you in the room with us, why don’t you go ahead and give us some ideas of what to ask the guys?

Can’t promise I’ll entertain everybody’s ideas, but how about I guarantee this comment thread will be my default time-killer every time I take a dump or get stuck in an elevator over the weekend?

Unfortunately the interview does come with a condition– we can’t actually share it with you until October 31st. Hopefully that will give our production team enough time for our video production team will cut my stammering into something that sounds coherent for your entertainment.

Now start sending in your best ideas so I can pass them off as my own. I mean, pass them on to the hosts of The Grand Tour!

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How do they feel about their racist jokes contributing to the demise of their time at BBC, and will they be taking into account that Amazon corporate bosses may not appreciate quips about “slopes” and “having to wake up Mexican”? Do they agree that car journalism doesn’t take place in a vacuum and that they do the community at large a disservice with their good-old-boy mentality? Can they maintain the edginess and humor that we all love while leaving out the jokes made at the expense of non-white people and the violence against production staff? In short, are they going to behave like responsible people of the year 2016, or are they going to lean on privilege, celebrity, and ratings to act like assholes? And if the answer to all that is basically “we’ll do whatever we like” then here’s a question for you guys at Jalopnik: are you going to hold their feet to the fire the next time they make a racist joke or do something else awful? Or will you continue to couch any criticism in that kind of gee-shucks-but-we-still-love’em softball fanboy approach? Basically, are they going to step up? And if not, will you? Or are we all going to pretend that it’s just fine when they act completely awful because “they’re funny” and “boys will be boys”?