We're Going To Pebble Beach And We Want You To Come Chill

Photo taken by the capable and beautiful Dave ‘Puppyknuckles’ Burnett.

Pebble Beach is Mecca for people who love cars. It’s not just for the rich and the richer. It really is for everyone who loves beautiful, fast, and wildly incredible machines. We’re going to be there, and you should come hang out.

The “we” in this case, specifically refers to myself (lame) and Mike Roselli, our video director (much less lame, he’s a great guy, not garbage at all). We’ll be in the biturbo V12 Mercedes-AMG G65, like ya do, and a newly-turbo’d Porsche 911, both of which have so far have been as absurd and wonderful as you can imagine.


Don’t know what Pebble is? Allow us to explain. The week of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is where cars, money, and class all collide. It’s where people are so rich that they can daily-drive nothing but old Saabs, but they keep a Figoni et Filaschi-bodied coupe in the garage just in case. It’s also the home of the Concours d’LeMons, home of the delightful and deranged and decidedly not financially extravagant, and we’ll be there to love it all.

We’ll be at the Quail, the Concours d’LeMons, and the Concours d’Elegance itself, and a whole host of places in between. If you see us doing silly videos or whatever, stop by and say hi. You may even get a sticker or two. Or a tour of a G65, complete with big V12 ridiculousness. One or the other.

We’ll also be up close and personal with Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept, the McLaren 570GT MSO, Cadillac’s new hotness, and everything in between.

So come, hang out with us at Pebble, and bask in the glory of cars. And make sure you’re dressed to impress. I brought my only pair of pants for this one.


Can’t join us in person? We’ll be here on Jalopnik, on Facebook, on Instagram, even on the Snapchat. At some point it’s all the same damn thing.

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