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Ever wonder if you're faster than a Jalopnik writer? If you come out to the inaugural American Endurance Racing event at New Jersey Motorsports Park the first weekend of August, you can find that out. There's even a discounted entry price if your soul intent is to beat me.


(Full Disclosure: AER invited me to participate in their first ever race weekend in a prepped E30 3-Series. It means I get to buy all sorts of new race gear and get back in a competitive race car for the first time in a long time.)

American Endurance Racing is the latest in the long line of low buck motorsports event, but is refreshingly uncomplicated. Instead, it has simple rules and cars classed on lap times. There's basically one car prep rule, which is 180 wear tires. Other than that, nearly every aspect of the car is open. The expectation is that there will be a number of cars from series like LeMons, Spec E30, and Spec Miata. You know, your usual suspects.


A single fee gets you an entire race weekend, which is practice, qualifying, and at least one race day. The NJMP event will have practice/qualifying on Friday, August 1st and then two nine-hour endurance races on August 2nd and 3rd. That's a lot of racing.

And I'll be representing the good ship Jalopnik in an E30 3-series. My racing background is mainly focused on years in karts and some autocross, so this will be a great little addition to the old CV. It'll also be a challenge.

The main goal for me is not to be the fastest man the track has ever seen. My main goal is to bring the car home from my stints in one piece, get faster and faster, and not ruin someone else's car or race.

I also don't want to be embarrassed. That's where you come in, if you want to make me embarrassed. AER still has slots open for the race weekend, so if you're in the area with a car that is prepped for literally any race series, why not sign up?


Plus, if your soul purpose is to embarrass me, head over to AER's website and register with the coupon code JALOPNIK for 25 percent off the entry fee. Then feel free to gloat if you destroy me on track.

And if you just want to come watch, feel free. I'll have a ton of Jalopnik stickers with me at the race and will probably give you one if you're a nice person.

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