Looks like Connaught's Type-D is getting nearer to its Britcar fruition. Apparently the Connaught Motor Company is building a new, $25 million HQ and R&D skunkworks in the UK constituent and home country of Catherine Zeta-Jones. That is, Wales, where inhabitants speek in tongues and sell crempogs like hotcakes (or so we hear). Nonetheless, the company is working on what could become the first high-performance hybrid — a gas-electric V10 that gets upward of 42 mpg. Before that lofty goal is fulfilled, however, the company will start producing its traditional, 2.0-liter (that's not a typo) V10 Type-D in Wales by year's end with an eye toward early-2008 delivery. Connaught's ramp-up plans involve building 100 cars in its first year, 250 in the second and 1000 cars annually within five years. We can almost hear the glass-breaking revs from here.

Connaught Type-D Released at Autosport International [internal]