We'll Let Thnderblt Tell the Story: Painful Sunroof Ejection

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Now and then, Thnderblt Doherty sends in a tip so hilariously-worded that we really can't improve upon it. And when such a thing comes to us in a state of basic perfection, the words on Charles Bukowski's grave come to mind: "Don't try." In that spirit, take it away, Mister D.

Hey guys. I didn't even think a 600 pound human being could drive themselves, much less fit behind the wheel of anything other than a Kenworth, but apparently this massive woman in Florida (or Germany) managed to wedge herself behind the wheel of that one-of-many usurpers to the Wrangler throne, the Isuzu Amigo. In the process, she rolled the thing while "taking evasive action" and was flung through the sunroof.

Now, I have to imagine this had something to do with physics, since I, at 6' 2" and generally considered physically fit, haven't been able to stick my entire abdomen through a sunroof since I rode in a limo on the way to the junior prom (as a sophomore!) back in '95. My theory is that the speed at which she was ejected somehow caused her fatness to lengthtn out, temporarily turning her into some kind of Stretch Armstrong-type figure, enabling her exit via said sunroof. Either that or I've grossly underestimated the size of the Amigo's sunroof all these years.

Either way, she was too fat to airlift to a hospital.

Somewhere, Lightfoot is laughing his ass off. We're gonna go clean the Red Bull-residue out of our nose now.


600 lbs. woman survives getting thrown through sunroof [Tampa Bay's 10]


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