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If you think Toyota trucks are too expensive, don't bother looking at this pristine crew-cab 1989 Hilux diesel. It's reportedly "100% legal" for US road-use and is currently for sale with a clean Minnesota title... for the price of a decent brand-new Tacoma.

I've never seen one of these for sale in the US. In fact, I've never seen a four-door version of this vintage Toyota stateside. But now you could be one of the few (only?) Americans to drive a genuine late-80's Hilux– for $30,000.


According to the ad this one's got a "2.8L Diesel, 5-speed manual, solid front axle, fully box-welded frame (from the factory) gear-driven t-case, manual locking hubs, AC, power steering and Webasto TSL-17 pre-heater." Also, about 92,000 miles.

Ridiculously low mileage and an exceptionally clean exterior suggests the seller might actually be serious when he says "it's never been off-roaded" though I cannot imagine why you'd go through the trouble of shipping this truck from Japan just to drive around town and get groceries.

Is a pre-imported, bonafide diesel Hilux worth this much to any of my fellow Americans? Or would you rather just get your hands on another twenty-five year old 'Yota and drop in your own diesel?


Hat tip to Dan!

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