Well-Deserved Idiot Street Racing Schadenfreude

Watching idiot street racers in illegal parking lot racing videos ending with a deliciously crunchy t-boning and a declaration of "I got that shit on videotape" always adds some pep to our Friday evening! NSFW-for-language.

We're all for racing, any kind, anywhere across the wide-wide world; Strap a motorcycle engine to a shopping cart or a blown V8 onto a wheel chair, but keep it at a race track. These hooligans go hot-rodding around a strip mall parking lot where we're sure no small amount of teenage braggadocio resulted in what looks like a pretty painful and well deserved T-bone collision. Let that be a lesson to you. We all know hooning is great fun, but doing it irresponsibly inevitably ruins things for everyone. [Youtube]


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