Welding Two School Buses Together Makes A Fine Political Statement

Introducing the Topsy-Turvy School Bus. This, um... unique vehicle is the work of Tom Kennedy and Haideen Anderson, who managed to weld together two school buses with the purpose of delivering a political message. One has to be batshit-crazy to want to weld two school buses together, right? Not necessarily. This project was commissioned by Ben Cohen, who is better known for being one half of the Ben & Jerry ice-cream-empire duo. Ben wanted to demonstrate how topsy-turvy the U.S. budget is, by...wait for it...creating a....topsy-turvy bus!

The bus took three months to construct and then traveled across the United States to educate individuals, including kids, about problems with the U.S. budget. Even the stop sign on the bus was replaced with a pie chart that became the emblem for the tour demonstrating where the U.S. budget spending goes. The entire project is a little wonky, but to a man that cares this deeply about his country, this bus means everything. [Topsy-Turvy Bus; Topsy-Turvy Tour; SF Chronicle Story; via boj]


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