Welcome To The NASCAR "Car Of Tomorrow-ow-ow"

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Get your jet fuel and oxidant ready Waltrip, NASCAR is introducing the "Car Of Tomorrow" after five years of testing (it takes a lot of engineering to drive in a circle). Designed to improve safety, performance, competition and cost efficiency for teams, the Car of Tomorrow fits all four current templates (Ford, Toyota, GM and Dodge). The car will make its debut at the Bristol Motor Speedway and will be used at sixteen events on tracks less than a mile and a half in length. One of the features we look forward to most is the deatchable wing!


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Al Navarro

The average joe can also scrimp and save for some sort of US series formula car and acutally have to be challenged to turn left and right.

I'm not saying that the drivers aren't good or that they don't have big brass ones. They are and they do. It's just that I have a small problem with A) cars that aren't really products of the factories they represent - a connection which those factories are counting on, B) with the exception of the few road circuits (which they sometimes bring "ringer" drivers in for)...it's just going around in a circle. And to me that is a bit boring.