A group of men visiting from Los Angeles to attend the Detroit Auto Show were robbed at gunpoint after dining at Detroit's famous Slow's Barbecue. Jalopnik was just there Monday night. Hell, it could have been us!

The men, who have chosen to remain anonymous (this will be explained later) were headed from Slow's to Harbor House when a group of teens rushed them carrying handguns. Other members of the group managed to flee, leaving only one behind, who wasn't hassled further after turning over his wallet.

The interesting thing is that these guys were in Detroit last Thursday (press days started the following Monday) and have been attending the show for over 10 years, indicating that they work for an automaker or a business related to the auto industry, hence the anonymity. Many car companies are angling to join Porsche, Nissan and Lamborghini in dropping the Detroit Auto Show from their list of commitments. We're guessing whoever these guys are, they're going to go back to LA with a strong argument for dropping the show, which takes place in a former city that provides landfill space for the nation of Canada, located to the city's South, during the coldest month of the year — from their company's list of commitments. [via ClickOnDetroit]