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Welcome To Oslo, Where Ancient Citroens Roam Free!

Illustration for article titled Welcome To Oslo, Where Ancient Citroens Roam Free!

We've been getting some great Down On The Street Bonus Edition photos from our readers (so many, in fact, that it's getting tough to post them as fast as they come in- which is a good problem to have). However, when you find and photograph a daily-driven Citröen Traction-Avant on the streets of your city, you get jumped to the head of the line. Such is the case with Warpig, who has gone on an unprecedented DOTSBE binge in his hometown of Oslo, Norway. He's sent in literally hundreds of photos of interesting old cars found on Oslo's streets, and today we're going to look at some of the Citröens he's shot. Good work, Warpig, and we'll be showing more of your photos in the near future!


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That first one looks as if it should have some French Resistance fighters hanging out of it with tommy guns ready to attack some Nazis who are occupying 1940s Paris.