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Weekend Motorsport Roundup; January 5-6, 2019

Illustration for article titled Weekend Motorsport Roundup; January 5-6, 2019
Image: IMSA

Welcome to the Jalopnik Weekend Motorsports Roundup, where we let you know what’s going on in the world of racing, where you can see it, and where you can talk about it all in one convenient place. Where else would you want to spend your weekend?


The cold grip of winter is starting to ease on the world of Motorsport. IMSA has pulled back the dust cover from Daytona International Speedway and loaded it up with a full field of interesting race cars and drivers for the first pre-season test of the year. And not only that, but Supercross is kicking off the first race of the season in SoCal!


And, while it’s not exactly the weekend, the first day of Dakar Rally racing begins on Sunday, and Americans can watch reports on NBCSN starting Monday evening.

If you know anything we missed or have any great livestreams, let us know in the comments below. And let everyone know what you’re watching!

All times in EST.

IMSA Roar Before The 24 - On IMSA TV

Daytona International Raceway

Daytona, Florida

12:05 - 3:15 PM Saturday

Monster Energy Supercross - On NBCSN or NBC Sports Gold Online

Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Anaheim, California

10 PM Saturday

Dakar Rally - On NBCSN

Peru, The Whole Entire Country

6:30 PM Monday

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YES!!! Endurance racing is back big-time, and we got the Roar to start us off. So far it seems like Mazda’s doing pretty well, but it’s not like Wayne Taylor is too far behind. GTLM is still hellaciously close, while GTD is so far, dominated by RileyWynns-33 AMG car. P2...ah, fuck. After a brief experience in the spotlight IMSA nerfs them to relegation. Understandable—I’m guessing IMSA wants to prove DPi is the way to go instead of whatever the fuck the ACO is pushing—but it’s just a shame that they’re being pegged back.

Whatever. IMSA’s here, and everything will be good again. The tier-1 sportscar racing is back and it means I’ll be glued to my screens babbling like a lunatic to nobody in particular because I’m pretty sure there are only a dozen serious sportscar fans on this site. As for you? You should fuckin’ watch. Acura (GTD and DPi), Corvette and Risi still remain on my fan prayers, but who knows what kind of surprise this year might pull.