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Weekend Motorsport Roundup; December 8-9, 2018

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Photo: Hiflex480 (Wikimedia Commons)

Welcome to the Jalopnik Weekend Motorsports Roundup, where we let you know what’s going on in the world of racing, where you can see it, and where you can talk about it all in one convenient place. Where else would you want to spend your weekend?


It’s that time in the racing season again. All the big series have called it quits, which means pretty much anything goes now. You want race cars? Well, I hope you’re plenty prepared for them to be slightly unconventional. That said, CBS Sports has a pretty damn good lineup of racing events airing this Sunday. It’s a great chance to find something new!

If you know anything we missed or have any great livestreams, let us know in the comments below. And tell what you’ll be watching!


All times in EST.

SCCA Runoffs: Formula Enterprises/Formula Enterprises 2 race

Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma, California

1 PM Sunday on CBS Sports

SCCA Runoffs: Spec Racer Ford Gen3 series race

Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma, California

2 PM Sunday on CBS Sports

Virgin Australia Supercars Newcastle 500 (re-run)

Newcastle, Newcastle Street Circuit

New South Wales, Australia

3 PM Sunday on CBS Sports

Formula Drift Insider 20: Irwindale CA

4 PM Sunday on CBS Sports

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series: Production 1000 UTV/Pro 2 Round 10

San Bernardino, California

5:30 PM Sunday on CBS Sports (2 PM Sunday on MAVTV)

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SUNDAY, DEC 9, 8:30 AM