Any AutoX'er can testify that the Nissan 300zx is one heck of a fun car to drive. With that being said, we're baffled that one particular Boston 1991 Nissan 300zx owner would feel the need to install a 15-inch LCD screen right in the view of the windshield. Sure, there's space to the left and right to, you know, see the road and all, but in some states hanging cardboard pine trees from the rear-view mirror is deemed illegal and we'd hate to see what the police had to say about this ridiculous mod. Nevertheless, it could be yours for $5,000.

After doing some more digging, and by digging I mean looking at the seller's MySpace page, it seems the gothastic owner has an affinity for Slipknot, bad tattoos, stars, and appears to have created a brand called "Super F*ck." The logo also adorns the door panel of the 300zx. This guy needs some help. [Craigslist via Carscoop]