Webasto LigHT Concept Has Light Top, Accurate Name

We were confused and astounded at the claim of a soft top on the Webasto LigHT Concept weighing in at a mere 28 lb., so we decided to go check it out for ourselves. Seems the innovators at Webasto made the simple into reality. They just took everything out of the top that wasn't needed. All the rollover protection is transferred to the integrated headrest roll hoops and the latches are mounted on either the windscreen or the trunk. The roof itself works sort of like one of those wood-cut snakes you played with as a kid. The ones that get rigid as it folds onto itself, and then when folded onto the trunk it lays down without argument.


Seems to work pretty well as the top is pretty tough when up, but have no idea how this would work if windows got involved in the equation, or high speed, or anything a normal top has to put up with. Hey, it looks cool in profile and it has that neat super-thin look all the cool kids are after these days. Ah, to be a cool kid with a cool convertible top — a cool convertible top that weighs 28 lb.

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