Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Zero. Mercedes-Benz 560, One.

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We've got an update to last summer's story of First Sergeant William von Zeal, the soldier who returned home from Iraq down $5,000, but up one 1988 Mercedes-Benz 560 formerly owned by Saddam Hussein. Well, looks like the man's trying to keep this veteran down with a downright un-American move — the Merc's been seized by the feds for possible violations of federal smuggling laws and an executive order barring the importation of property from Saddam's regime. Although the customized Merc had a few unortthodox features — namely flamethrowers, hidden microphones and armour-plating — we doubt it was home to any WMD's.

US agents seize 'Saddam Hussein's car' [Mail & Guardian]

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