We Watch Charlie Gibson Come To Town And Charlie Watches Wagoner Lift Skirt On Pontiac G8

We've got to think it was some kind of bait and switch. We were in the Detroit ABC affiliate studio waiting and watching Charlie Gibson play footsie with seven local automotive "leaders" at what we thought was to be the evening eye candy. Little did we know we coulda had a G8 — because the real automotive eye candy had been shown earlier in the night to Charlie Gibson by GM CEO Rick Wagoner. Rick, while giving a tour of the General's design center to Charlie Gibson, reprised Bob Lutz's role in this, the General's most recent hot up-skirt metallic skin flick. While Rick was showing a bit of full frontal action of the new Zeta-platformed Pontiac G8 set to be introduced at the Chicago Auto Show in just a week, we were waiting for Charlie to get his butt over to a "State of the Automotive Industry" town hall meeting over at the WXYZ-TV studio. We had the opportunity to do what apparently only one or two other journalists had the opportunity to do — sit under really hot lights in a studio with 45 "randomly selected" viewers who'd e-mailed in questions to ask the panel. What fun! The panel consisted of such luminaries as...you know what...rather than bore you with the details, we'll just show off a gallery of both the Pontiac G8 upskirt below and then drop a list of the autotastic panel below the jump. Really, between David Cole's rapidly multiplying job multipliers, Jason Vines ADHD-like chair shifts and zero attempts at fixing labor disputes, there's not much more to add. There's others out there who were watching on TV with rapt attention — we'll just show you the pretty pictures. Oh, and Bob Woodruff's brother Dave was sitting right behind me and he looks exactly like Bob.

Panel Attendees:

US Senator Debbie Stabenow

GM Chief Economist G. Mustafa Mohatarem

Chrysler VP of Communications Jason Vines

Ford VP of Communications Charlie Holleran

U of M's Center for Auto Research Director David Cole

Canadian Auto Workers President Buzz Hargrove

UAW Legislative Affairs Director, Alan Reuther


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