Detroit Auto Show Preview: Maximum Bob Reprises His Skirt-Lift, Previews 2008 Cadillac CTS

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If you'll remember from earlier this year (and if you don't we've got a screen cap above), our main man and eater of all things loin — "Maximum" Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman and lead man for products at the General — provided us (and by us, I mean all of America) a sneak peek of the all-new 2008 Cadillac CTS while on 60 Minutes. Back then Bob's skirt-lift gave us a sneak peek of what Caddy has in store to be fully revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January and it now looks like the General's decided to re-capture that moment in their newest sneak peek picture of the entry-level Caddy sedan set to begin production in late summer of next year. The only difference is this time they're also letting Ed "Medium" Welburn, Veep of Global Design get a little piece of that action too. Hit the link below for the big-as-life picture of Ed and Bob as they pose for the camera. No word yet on when we'll also see commemorative plates or stamps issued as well to commemorate the moment the world questioned whether Lutz was losing his mind.

[Cadillac CTS Sneak Peek Picture]

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