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We think it's strange Detroit's not yet included in the Woodward Dream Cruise. Although unlike Mike Bernacchi at U of D Mercy, we don't think it's "criminal." Possibly tinged with a wee bit of racism, sure — but certainly not criminal. [Detroit News]


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Listen, the Dream Cruise is just that, a Dream Cruise. If you had cruised back then, it was only from 8 Mile, actually from about 9 Mile to Ted's and sometimes into Pontiac, around Wide Track and back to 8 or 9 again. There was nothing racial about it. Most of your friends lived in the areas that you cruised. That's all. I know that this is hard for the media (and that includes all reporters) to understand, but please stop making it racial. It just plain isn't. It was a time in our lives that was full of innocent fun and socializing, showing off our cars, meeting friends, and stuffing our faces with burgers, fries, and Cokes.