We Pick 'Em, You Choose 'Em: Vote For The Jalopnik Star Commenter Name

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If only we knew what we were doing when we starting handing out gold stars to the commentariat. Though we may have given the impression that there was some sort of incredible genius behind our decisions, it was sort of a crap shoot. There are lots of deserving commenters out there who will, if they stop pleading, get one of the awesome stars. Yes, the same ones that convey magical powers. Instead of making a diligent effort to get stars into the right commenter accounts, we decided to ask you what to call these special individuals. What we, in our dictatorial-totalitarian-undemocratic rage, deemed the ten best below, with a poll.


Can you sort through all the memes?

MaxForrest32: Cotomer Sevis Representatives

UncleBo: El Commentaminos!

BentoBoxx: Wertsmiths

FatBraff: Starred Commenters

Stoatmaster: if Sputnik = Jalopnik, Cosmonaut = Commentaut

Miscellenea : Bruce

Dolo54: The Unemployed

Dr.Danger: Jalop Laureate

SmokeyDog001 : The Fahrvergshadenfreudenungen


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Jeff Glucker

@drewdraws2: damn... that's a pretty good idea.

@Peabody S. Preston, Esq., Bruce, El Caminion:

@graverobber- down in a hole, looking up to the STARS: I just wish I could include the credit-roll music from Dr. Who...