We Never Even Knew The General Was A Member Of The Tribe: GM Axes "Survivor" Sponsorship

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Any chance we've got to make an M.O.T. khokhme, one of us will go to the ends of the earth to do it — and what better way to make a tribal reference than when GM's gone and pulled its sponsorship of the reality show tribe-on-tribe gang war that is "Survivor." And although GM's claiming that the pull-out from lebn geblibener's got gornisht to do with the recent decision to split the teams up by the contestant's kolir and race. GM claims the reason has more to do with a pre-planned shift away from prime-time teevee and into more of the live sports, awards shows and other big events — or as the General's PR staff calls it, "organic product integration." Of course, we'd call it "whoring" — but that's an entirely different mayse. [Hint: If you're confused — here's where you can get your Yidd. on.]

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