Located just south of Austria and in the northern portion of what was once Yugoslavia, Slovenia is an ideal place to find street-parked cars from all over Europe, East and West, not to mention the occasional Detroit truck. Nicjasno, the guy who brought us the rescued Slovenian Peugeot 504, is back with a vast collection of photos from his part of the world. Make the jump for over 100 photos and Nicjasno's descriptions.

Car: Jaguar XKC-140 Location: Piran - Slovenia - Europe Description: This car is definetly _down_ on the street. I saw it first when i descended a stairway down to the town. It was right there in the center of the public parking lot. naurally i went straight for it. As the custom numberplate says, it's a 50s (not sure about the exact vintage) Jaguar XKC-140 roadster. Car looked like it was well preserved, probably carefully restored. Since it was early morning, the pics look a bit cold, and the interior isn't visible very well, but i can tell you it looked brand new. The car looks like it's being driven often, and since it stood there for 2 days i can guess that the owner is not one of those people who locks cars like these in garages.
Car: Volkswagen Transporter Location: Malinska, isle of Krk - Croatia - Europe Description:Saw this one after going home from the beach. Car is from switzerland. I don't know anything about it, but i really loved that guard rail detail in the back, whatever purpose it may serve. And the semi-beater look of course :)
Car: Land Rover Location: Maribor - Slovenia - Europe Description: This car looks like a total beater. On close examination i discovered, that it has been converted to natural gas. The gas tank can be seen in one of the pics. The text on the car advertises the company that does such a conversion. Those Landies were pretty common here once, because they were used by the police and firefighters. Nowdays, they are a very rare sight.

Citroen CX Description: I saw this beater CX in a public parking lot and had to make some pics of it. It's a GTI with the 2.5l engine.
Chevrolet Suburban Location: Maribor - Slovenia – Europe Description: I spotted this huge chunk of iron just 2 blocks from mu house. It was hard to miss. I spoke to the owner, who said he acquired it from a guy from Austria. The car has a 5.7l V8 and is used as the main utility vehicle for his gardening company. I made a larger pic so some cars that are parked nearby can be seen, just for size comparison. This thing is HUGE!
Car: early 80s chevrolet van, 5.7 Location: Maribor - Slovenia - Europe Description: This van is bad ass. It parks here in front of the costum bikes shop everytime i drive by. I also often see it in the city driving, probably making some part deliveries. It has a matte dark primer brown/grey color, it's jacked up, it's got a V8, and custom interior. The wife of the owner was nearby and pointed me out to a US car event this weekend in austria. Expect my photo report. The same guy also had a white 79' impala and a red, sidepiped 69 camaro in the past. His friend drives a 66 mustang coupe. Must catch him sometime.
Car: late 70s Renault 4 Location: Malinska - Isle of Krk - Croatia Description: Here we have a late 70s model R4, parked in a shade just a few meters from the sea. Don't mind the stuff on the hood, it's parked under a tree and the car gets driven. It's very rare to see the models who still had chromed bumpers and dog dish hubcaps. Most of the remaining few R4s on the roads round here are 80s models, with painted bumpers and newer wheels. Apart of some window rust, this exemplar looks in pretty decent shape. And yes, that's a Peugeot 504 in the background. What a shame that it wasn't parked on the street.

Car: Early 70s Ford Escort Location: Maribor - Slovenia - Europe Description: I just had to get this one. Car is parked here for an eternity. Looks like at one point in its life it's got a custom paint job. Now it sits here, neglected, with flat tires, abused with posters. Other than the flat tires it looks to be in pretty ok shape. Would be sad if it goes to the crusher.
Car: Late 70s/early 80s Fiat 132 Location: Maribor - Slovenia - Europe Description: There's something cool about this Fiat. It's one of the rare fiats that looks good. It even has an a/c. But whether it's actually still working or not is another thing. I'd love to see a Ferrari v8 in this. Unfortunately, it probably has the standard fiat 1.3l four banger, or something similar.
Car: early 80s bosnian produced VW golf Location: Maribor - Slovenia - Europe Description: Parked just beside the custom bikes shop. The car is in a remarkable condition, considering that they stopped producing those in 84'. The paint looks like new. So it looks like the owner takes great care of the car. The streets round here were once full of these, now all you see are some beaters. The first gen. golfs were especially popular among students, and they were worn down quickly. So it's very suprising to se a specimen in such a good shape.


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