We Followed Ray Wert For A Day, This Is What He Does

Rutledge Wood and Adam Ferrara

Step 1: Get on twitter.
Step 2: Walk around
Step 3: Check in everywhere on Four Square
Step 4: Tweet out that check in.
Step 5: Go to the roof at Gawker.
Step 6: Repeat step one.
Step 7: Nap.
Step 8: Stop by io9 "nerd cave" and pretend to steal their Hunger Games DVD.
Step 9: Hit the roof at Gawker, check in on Four Square again. Overlook kingdom like Eva Peron on her balcony.
Step 10: Post anonymously on lesser car blogs (Ex: Dodge Caliber was misunderstood)
Step 11: Try to get people in the office to refer to Four Square as "Four Squeezy."
Step 12: Check in on Four Squeezy.

Add in your own steps in Kinja below.

Photo Credit: James Del


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