We Finally Know Why Bose's Magical Hopping Suspension Never Made It To Production

Hey, remember a few years back, Bose (the people normally known for speakers) came out with what seemed to be a magical old Lexus LS? The one with super smooth suspension that would never lean or roll, and could actually hop? We never really knew what happened to it, until now. And yeah, it’s probably for the exact reason you would guess.

It was way too heavy and way too expensive. Which is sad, I know. It had been a couple of years since we last heard of the project, and I had just sort of assumed that NASA didn’t want what must have been exotic alien technology making it to the masses too quick, before humanity was truly ready for it, lest we get another Betamax situation. Bose broke the project’s cruel real fate to the world in a video from CNET:

Man, that Lexus was something else. It looked smoother than a tank moving over speed bumps, and it was flat as a Ferrari going through a bend, which is mind-boggling for a big old Lexus. Normally you’d see the driver looking more like an old ship captain, trying to keep everything in one piece.


But with the Bose suspension? Something else, I tell ya. Something else.

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Even if it’s so heavy and expensive, wouldn’t it still be worth it for someone like Bentley or RR to license it? If it worked so well, their customers would pay for the ultimate luxury ride