We Can’t Get Enough Of Slow-Mo Infrared NASCAR Burnouts

Jamie McMurray’s No. 1 car has a new sponsor at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and they’re making us rethink why we watch racing in true color. (Wait, it’s just me who is rethinking that? Oops.)

A product that the company, FLIR, offers is thermal imaging systems, and they wanted to give us all a taste of what kind of videos their cameras can produce — in just about the coolest way possible:

Based on just that video, is this one of the greatest sponsorships ever? Quite possibly.


If it isn’t, we can all agree on one thing — infrared burnouts are a whole lot more enjoyable than listening to Dale Earnhardt Jr. tell talk about the comfort of U-shaped jeans. Bring on the false-color motor activities!

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