We Buy 'Em All For The Gizmos

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So, we must be honest. It's so all about the gadgets, baby. The real reason we bought our new Jeep Liberty Limited wasn't for the off-road capabilities, for the trail-rating and it certainly wasn't for the fuel economy. It was for three reasons...the GPS / Nav System, the ESP traction control system and the heated leather seats (the chicks dig the heated seats). It looks like we aint the only folks in our whaddaya call it...demographic who are purchasing so-called "entry-level" vehicles. It seems it's the gadgets that sell the car according to our boy Joe Guy Collier. And we happen to agree with the 25 year old engineer from Warren, MI Collier interviews in the article, the one with the new Dodge Caliber. Wait, Warren MI...he's an engineer...gee, I hope the guy still has his job today...

Cars' 'cool' gadgets attract young buyers [Bradenton Herald]

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