Waylaid by Jackassery: New London Law Could Screw Innocent Motorists

In the great state of California, when one goes to pay one's registration, any past-due parking tickets must be taken care of before the state issues its citizes the little colored sticker for the plate. It's all organized by VIN and networked by computer. Apparently, things in the UK aren't quite as sophisticated, which we find rather nutso because the DMV is far from the most efficient organization in the nation. But new legislation has some folks up in arms because it could affect people who've purchased vehicles secondhand and are unaware their car is on a hit list, leaving them to produce proof while coughing up towing and storage fees to recover their vehicles. We're calling government scam on this one. Scam, scam, scam.

Cars will be seized from innocents under new law [Gulfnews]

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