Water Hazards Add Zest To LeMons Phoenix

The crazy storms that visited Old Testament-grade rainfall on the Southwest have left huge ponds at Firebird International Raceway. See that bush poking a few feet above the surface in the photo above? That's a 14-foot-tall tree. Careful, drivers!


The LeMons Supreme Court is going to be extra strict in its punishments for over-aggressive and/or out-o-control driving, because cars that leave the asphalt stand an excellent chance of ending up submerged in a pond.

There was only one major mishap during practice laps on Friday, with this ill-handling, overpowered Mustang eating a tire wall backed by a concrete barrier. Hey, the Mustang is repairable and nobody had to go dive into the muddy water to rescue a waterlogged driver, so we say this story had a happy ending. We're thinking about using one of the ponds for the People's Curse on Sunday: point car at pond, drive axle on jackstands, brick on gas pedal... you fill in the blanks.

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