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Watching Grown Men Eat It On Barbie Jeeps Never Gets Old

“I got tire tracks on my ass” is a pretty good summary of how this usually goes. Behold, the 2016 Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing Championship.

While not all of the little cars are pink and purple, or even Jeeps, all of the competitors are grown men on little cars. The toys’ gears are removed so that the wheels spin freely, and they wipe out frequently on the rocky hillsides used for courses accordingly.


This year, the most prestigious off-road championship race of them all was held at the Morris Mountain ORV Park in Delta, Alabama. Six competitors signed up for the double-elimination contest of speed, skill and questionable judgement.

This video comes from Matt of Busted Knuckle Films, who was there in hopes of claiming a third championship in a row only to suffer the worst crash of his Barbie Jeep Racing career thanks to a faster than usual hill. Oof!


[H/T PhilKesselRun!]

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