Watch Audi Build A Watertight E-Tron GT With Uniform Panel Gaps And A Roof That's Firmly Attached

Gif: YOUCAR / YouTube (Other)

Audi is extremely proud of its new e-tron GT. It shows in its flashy premiere for the pretty grand tourer. It also shows in a Neckarsulm, Germany, factory tour b-roll package that Audi released this week which shows the process of building the EV in some detail...including demonstrating that the car is water tight, that the roof is in fact attached to the car, and that the panel gaps are uniform. As Brian Gluckman noted on Twitter, 5 minutes of the video is devoted to showing workers checking panel gaps, two minutes are spent on the roof attachment, and there’s a shorter clip of the Audi being sprayed with water to check for leaks.


Here’s an abbreviated version of the video, where Audi Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi notes that Audi didn’t have to delay production of the e-tron GT despite the pandemic.

As we’ve mentioned before, the E-Tron GT is like a cheaper, more comfortable Porsche Taycan. And with the RS version’s 590 horsepower and 612 lb-ft coming from dual motors, it’s probably going to be good fun, too. I personally even dig the E-Tron GT’s looks more than the Taycan.

It is really nice to see the attention to detail down to how well the windshield lines up with the A-pillar.

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I’m guessing the focus on how panel gaps are checked is a little backhanded dig at Tesla…