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Watching A Bunch Of New Miatas Put Their Roofs Down In Near Unison Is The Definition Of True Joy

Oh, you thought it was lovely to watch one 2017 Mazda Miata RF put its wacky robotic roof down? Ha! You must not know what true happiness is. Try nine at once. (Or eight? Or some other number? They all start to blend together.)


Watching these Miatas in near unison reminds me of the time I got really into watching group rhythmic gymnastics during the Olympics—except with cars, which is a lot cooler. Here, enjoy it for yourself:


Anxiety about all of the small parts that could break and things that could go wrong in such an intricate movement aside, watching the Miata RF put its roof down and up could never possibly get old. Watching a bunch of them... well, let’s just say those rhythmic gymnasts need to step up their game.

Thanks for the tip, Paulo!

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Unfortunately all I can see is the hideous antenna.

Now make those disappear