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This animal has a message for all you wanna-be Steve Irwin safari bros down south: Don’t come ‘round to gatortown.

Can’t fault the dude driving this old Nissan Frontier for being a little curious about an alligator. But I mean, you’ve gotta know when to keep your distance. Like maybe when it’s big, angry, hungry-looking mouth is open. Have you even seen Jurassic Park? Trucks are no match for massive teeth. And this alligator’s family has probably been here since before we’d even invented the wheel.


They really are amazing animals, this is a pretty exciting chance to witness the power of that bite in the wild. Even if it did cost somebody the front half of their pickup.

At least the guy driving doesn’t seem too fazed about it. Maybe he’s already lost a bumper to those chompers. In fact, the reaction might be the best part of this video so go ahead and watch it again with your headphones on.

Nice find, Damon.

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