Watch two New Jersey National Guard trucks drown trying to drive underwater

The LMTV is a highly capable truck designed to move anything anywhere for the military. They're also popular rescue vehicles because of their ability to drive in high water. But, as the NJ National Guard discovered during the Hurricane Irene aftermath, and as shown in this video, there are limits.


What convinced these two National Guard truck crews to drive through water in downtown Manville that was above both their line-of-sight and the height of their intake is something an angry superior officer is probably going to inquire about.

All we know is the rescuers themselves had to be rescued. They also appear to be unable to swim.

(Thanks to everyone for the tip!)


I liked this comment from the YouTube site for this video:

Listen, to all you folks who are praising soldiers and trying to save people, etc...thanks! but I am full-time NG, and all of us here concur that this truly was stupid. We know better than to try to take an LMTV in water´╗┐ like that. They can ford some pretty deep water, but when it starts coming in the doors it is time to reverse. so, while your comments are appreciated, there is no denying that this was stupid. If I were their 6, they would sit on top of those vehicles all day waiting!