Watch two dudes almost die hooning a BMW M3

This YouTube member goes by the name "MrAutoReviewers," but the newest car anyone will let him drive appears to be a 1999 BMW M3. And even that's too much for him and his buddy. Darkness, darkness, GMC, darkness. NSFW lanaguage/idiocy.

"MrAutoReviewers" admits in the text below the video he was trying to drift in the rain, in a residential area and says the lesson learned is that he'll "never trying to drift on a residential street again." Does it really take a near-death experience to learn such obvious lessons? Especially when what you're doing is more like "overtaking a truck while going sideways" — not "drifting."

Here are a few other things you shouldn't do rather than learn the hard way:

  • Don't go bear hunting in a suit made of salmon.
  • Don't stick your junk in a blender and try to make a man smoothie.
  • Don't eat rat poison as it's also poisonous to humans.
  • Don't let a radioactive spider bite you in hopes of getting super powers.
  • Don't encourage your friends to buy 90s-era Audi products.

The more you know, kids.

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