Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of summer. It is also the traditional weekend where vintage race cars gather at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut for some great motorsports action.


The gentleman racers in the field typically run pretty clean, but sometimes it can go VERY wrong.

One of the most eclectic and varied groups of the weekend was Group 1, which featured 1960s sports racers from the likes of Lotus and Lola going up against Porsche 911s and Datsuns.


But at the start of yesterday's race, a scary moment occurred. The driver of a 1968 Ginetta G16 seemed to have misjudged his braking point and ran right up the back of a 1965 Lola T70. The Ginetta dramatically took off, but luckily landed on all fours.

The driver was ok and wanted to keep racing, but the suspension damage was too significant to carry on. We're willing to bet that the owner was happy it was a Ginetta and not a $4 million Shelby.

Photo Credit: Casey Keil, Lime Rock Park, GIF Credit: Jason Torchinsky

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