Watch This Team Swap A Subaru Engine In Less Than Three Hours

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The Subaru Rally Team USA crew may have just a bit more experience with this than your usual NASIOC bros, but when one of their cars experienced engine woes at the Oregon Trail Rally, they got to work. Old engine out, new engine in. Here’s a time-lapse of a sub-three-hour engine swap for one of their Imprezas.


The swap on David Higgins’ car was performed in a parking lot service stop in Hood River, Oregon, using nothing but what the team brought with them for the rally. Sure enough, it helps to bring a spare working engine for a multi-day event.

The key is obviously to keep moving. No breaks. No sitting down. Just power through it. You can sleep when you’re done.


Despite the late night, Rally America said that the car was in perfect condition to start Day 3.

You can find more of their videos from the Oregon Trail Rally here.

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