Watch This Sports Announcer Realize His Car Was Just Hit By A Player

Or, should I say, "cahh."

Here, let me get all the things I don't understand about cricket out of the way, because I am an ignorant American, right off the bat:

  • The bat
  • The batsman
  • The wicket
  • A sticky wicket
  • That silly helmet
  • Those silly pads
  • Those silly people
  • Why the matches last so long
  • Why people don't just play baseball
  • Why does anyone play baseball? It's terribly boring
  • There's a pitcher, a batter, a catcher, maybe an umpire, and the rest appears to be guys scattered about haphazardly just watching the game
  • I know that somebody wins when someone scores runs
  • Here is some commentary from this week's Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe.. something? Game? Test? Anyways, if anyone can decipher this, let me know, but it appears that one person has congenital limb deformity but that's okay, because they haven't introduced the whirly things yet, which will clearly be put to good use:
  • Abir Utsha: "Can I have a review on Mushi's decision not to introduce spinners yet?" Only if you want to waste it, because here's Taijul Islam, with a slip and short leg."

So that's cricket. But on the other hand, no one outside of America can understand American Football, not even the Canadians, and they play a better version of the game.

Anyways, a guy hit a ball and hit that guy's cah. And he just had to sit and watch, while we all had to listen to him feel terrible about it.

Poor guy.



Anthony Bordain has a great cricket description, for anyone who wants a little more info