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Watch This Snowmobile Rider Turn Saint Paul Into His Personal Playground

Levi Lavallee is a bad man on a snowmobile. The X Games athlete is always looking for new ways to push the limits and new records to set. I don’t know who the genius is who greenlit him taking his antics into the city, but I think we all owe him a high five and a drink.

Lavallee has seven X Games gold medals as well as the record for the longest snowmobile jump at 412 feet, which he set on New Year’s Eve in San Diego in 2012. Needless to say, he’s well qualified to hoon all over town and make me wish I lived somewhere it snowed... for like a week.


RedBull posted an interview along with the video where Levi says almost nothing of interest, but you can check it out here.

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I’ll never quite understand how an energy drink company sells enough of the stuff to be able to finance videos likes this, or two Formula One teams, or jumps from space, or events like the one where Lavallee set the record for his jump, but I hope you people keep drinking it so I can keep watching people be way more awesome than me.

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Either I’m getting older or these videos just aren’t doing it for me. The videos where they clear the streets and bring the cops in (i.e. K.B. gymkhana 8)...... meh. Maybe we’re all getting to old. Everyone wants to lose their shit when they see videos like this… Saying their unsafe. I want more like the icon video and the heatwave visual videos.