Watch This Road-Raging Pickup Driver Ram A Car Off The Road

An Oklahoma pickup-truck driver severely lost his shit this week, and rammed a car off the road and into a guard rail. Here’s a video of the incident; prepare to witness asshole-ry at its worst.

News Channel 4 reports that the driver of the red Nissan 300ZX was trying to pass another car when a red Ram 1500 pulled up dangerously close behind, and, after some tailgating, pushed the Nissan off the road.


The Nissan’s female passenger told the news site: “We went to go pass [the other car] and that’s whenever he like rammed into us.”

Her boyfriend, who was driving the Nissan, chimed in, saying: “I told [my girlfriend] to hold on because I didn’t know how bad it was gonna get.”

That’s when the car drifted out of control, narrowly missed a sedan in the right lane, and smashed into a guard rail.

The good news is that the couple made out with only minor injuries, though their car looks to be missing its face. Here’s a look at the aftermath:


The road-raging truck driver is still on the loose, though police told News Channel 4 that the driver is “on their radar,” though they’re looking for the public’s help to track down the lunatic.

I hope they find this guy, because he not only nearly killed two people, but he almost certainly killed what looks like a gorgeous Nissan 300ZX.


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