Watch This Road-Raging Pickup Driver Ram A Car Off The Road

An Oklahoma pickup-truck driver severely lost his shit this week, and rammed a car off the road and into a guard rail. Here’s a video of the incident; prepare to witness asshole-ry at its worst.

News Channel 4 reports that the driver of the red Nissan 300ZX was trying to pass another car when a red Ram 1500 pulled up dangerously close behind, and, after some tailgating, pushed the Nissan off the road.


The Nissan’s female passenger told the news site: “We went to go pass [the other car] and that’s whenever he like rammed into us.”

Her boyfriend, who was driving the Nissan, chimed in, saying: “I told [my girlfriend] to hold on because I didn’t know how bad it was gonna get.”


That’s when the car drifted out of control, narrowly missed a sedan in the right lane, and smashed into a guard rail.

The good news is that the couple made out with only minor injuries, though their car looks to be missing its face. Here’s a look at the aftermath:

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The road-raging truck driver is still on the loose, though police told News Channel 4 that the driver is “on their radar,” though they’re looking for the public’s help to track down the lunatic.

I hope they find this guy, because he not only nearly killed two people, but he almost certainly killed what looks like a gorgeous Nissan 300ZX.


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Not to give the truck driver any credit but the Nissan driver wasn’t passing anyone and looked to just be blocking him in the passing lane, intentionaly. There seems to be enough blame to go around with this one.