Watch This Psychotic Driver Try To Run Down A Bunch Of People Outside A Milwaukee Club

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Have you ever been in one of those fights where you suddenly decide "this will be far easier if I get in my car and just run down the other person?" No? Well, that sort of fight just happened in Milwaukee.


We're not sure what started the dispute at 3 AM the other morning, but it appears a few women are having a very animated "discussion" in the middle of Milwaukee's east side bar district when one of them gets riled up enough to attempt some murder.

She heads to her Chevy Malibu Maxx (we can't tell if it's an SS or not) and decides to try and run over her opponents. She gets seriously close, but doesn't actually hit anybody. Instead, she takes out a parking meter and gets away before the cops arrive.


No arrests have been made quite yet, but the entire incident was caught on video by Steven Greenwood. Check it out below:

(Holiday Hat Tip to norsairius!)

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The driver was 100% justified in what they did. They were being assaulted, they ran into their car. They started beating the car and the windows. So they tried to flee.

There was a case in Austin recently where a lady plowed through a crowd of people downtown. The police even fired at her to stop. It turns out that she was a bar tender at a bar and she went to leave and honked at someone and they all started pounding on her car and even broke windows. So she drove through them and was almost killed by the police. Once the full story came out there were no charges against her as there was a legitimate danger to her life.