Watch This News Anchor Get Absolutely Dominated By A Snow Plow

Snow plows move a lot of snow at once. Duh. But what does it look like when the bulk of that snow hits a man on live television? It looks like this.

Steve Keeley from MyFox Philly was reporting on the winter storm that has taken hold across much of southern New Jersey earlier when a few plows drove by.


"Ah good," Keeley probably thought, "I was just saying how these roads are snowy. Now they're here to fix it for the good people of New Jersey."

But little did he know, those plow operators had other plans in store for him. Keeley gets absolutely slammed by snow in his back from a plow operator that most certainly didn't like the cut of Keeley's jib.

But what's amazing is that Keeley didn't fall or break his back. He isn't paralyzed. Nope. Instead he just went right on reporting the news. And that's because he's an American hero. Kudos to you Steve. Kudos.

Watch the video on MyFox Philly.

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