Watch This Ford Model A Tractor Get Its First Bath In 91 Years

Hardworking "doodlebug" is a relic from a bygone era

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Graphic: AMMO NYC

Old workhorses need love too. The folks behind Ammo NYC know this, and were on hand to help a car enthusiast pull a Ford Model A “doodlebug” out of 8 years worth of brush and make it shine again.

First, just what the heck is a doodlebug? A doodlebug is a homemade tractor, usually based on a Ford from the ’20s or ’30s, that a farmer put together due to a shortage of new machines during WWII. This ’bug started out life as a mid-to-late 30s Ford Model A, according to Ammo NYC. Due to its home-brewed nature, this doodlebug is a mishmash of parts including a steering wheel from a Plymouth and a little wheelbarrow to serve as a dumpette.

“I’m just glad we don’t see any bees,” Ted, the owner, said when they began to dig the old doodlebug out. That should give you any idea of what the state of this vehicle is in. It had trees not just growing around it, but through it.


With just a little oil and water, a few well placed wacks and sparks from a battery and starter pack, this old farm Ford moved under its own power for the first time in years. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore.

While Ted was just planning on using the old tractor to haul firewood around his farm, he brought it over to the guys at Ammo NYC to give it some much-needed extra love. While it takes much more work to get the little tractor looking sharp than it did to get it moving again, the process is highly satisfying to watch. The tractor retains all of its old charm, but it will now be better protected against the elements in the years to come.