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Watch this lucky Russian driver's terrifying close call with a speeding truck

Losing control on a slippery road and banging into the guardrail is never a good thing but in this case it's a whole lot better than the alternative—getting hit by a speeding truck.


That is exactly what this driver managed to barely avoid after losing control on a slippery highway while trying to overtake a truck.

When something like this amazing near disaster occurs we almost start to understand why everyone in Russia drives around with a camera on their dashboard. The dash footage of the near miss would be good by itself, but the creator of this video went one step further getting the footage of the truck the car passes to give a good idea how close this simple crash was to becoming a huge disaster.


Compared with getting hit by a speeding truck we imagine replacing your front bumper and the pair of pants you were wearing doesn't seem so bad.

Hat tip to xxstich666xx!

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What's the deal? Are vehicle in Russia required to have video recorders on at all times?