Watch this insanely great F1 stop-motion Lego animation

It’s another few days until Formula One returns from its extended summer vacation. Until then, revel in this painstakingly detailed stop motion animation of a race, done in Lego on a dream medley of Monaco, Zandvoort, Spa and the Nürburgring. There’s plenty of overtaking—of the unusual kind, some of it.

Hat tip to The Guardian’s sport blog.

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Related rant...remember when Legos were all assorted bricks like that, and you had to use your creativity and imagination to build stuff (this as an extremely cool example, but you know what I mean...)

It's kinda weak that most of the Legos sold today (at least in the States...may be different abroad) are pre-packaged sets of package-specific parts that build mostly one thing.

I mean the various themes (Pirates, Aliens, etc.) are kinda cool and all, but they also seem to be dumbing down what originally made Lego cool...that they forced you to visualize what you wanted to build, and figure out how to make it.

I don't recall any of the Legos of my youth coming with instructions...