Watch This Indian Worker Load His Backhoe Into A Truck With No Ramp

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"Ramps? Ramps are for sissies," says this amazing Indian backhoe operator as he loads his backhoe into a truck without a ramp. Holy f-ing crap.

This is one of those things that makes you hold your breath. How the hell did he get his backhoe into the truck bed? And how the hell did he figure out how to do this? Has he done it before and failed? If he did, was he grievously injured?

Apparently, this is an indigenous technique that gets rid of the ramps and other tools and just relies on sheer skill. It's amazing to watch, and kind of mesmerizing.


It's basically a backhoe ballet, but without the tutus. Bravo sir. Bravo.

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Very Impressive. Although if this was going work, it would have been in India. You have a mix of virtually no safety regulations for vehicles/construction/manufacturing, and also a lot of hardworking people just trying to make enough money to put food in their kids mouths (I didn't say food on the table, because a lot of Indians don't have a table).

You will see some very impressive things on the road in India and wonder, how does that not fall over or how are they even going anywhere right now. Such as these examples: