Watch This Hero Blindly Navigate The Entire Nürburgring

The man has seriously memorized every sign, curb and corner.
The man has seriously memorized every sign, curb and corner.
Screenshot: Misha Charoudin

Misha Charoudin has lived at the Nürburgring for four years, instructing and driving on it almost every day. With thousands of laps behind him, he could probably direct someone around this track blindfolded. In fact, he’s put out a video of him doing just that.


It’s insane.

He spends 7 minutes calling out curbs, braking zones and corner exits as his fellow instructor blasts around the track in a Mercedes-AMG GT R. That’s seriously impressive, but what’s unbelievable is that he also calls out the signs and other markers as he passes them. The video, spotted by reddit user notmuchgoingontoday, is worth a watch:

It’s hard enough to know where to go on the Nürburgring with all of your senses functioning. The track goes on forever and is full of blind corners that all look the same to an untrained eye.

So being able to know exactly where you are by the seat of your pants and what you have stored in the ole’ noggin is wild. This display of knowledge will be hard to top, unless, of course, someone manages to actually drive the track blind. For legal reasons, the Jalopnik editorial board does not endorse that idea. But we’d definitely blog about it.

H/T to reddit.

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