Watch This Heart-Stopping Rescue Of A Snowmobiler Buried By Avalanche

Here's the scene. A few snowmobilers out enjoying a weekend trip on the side of a mountain. One rider falls. Another rider drives above him and triggers an avalanche, quickly consuming the man. And then the rescue begins. Movie? No, real life — and it's one of the most heart-stopping videos I've ever seen.

A commenter on the video, claiming to be the man rescued, thanks the other riders for their quick work in saving his life.

The guy on the white sled rode the avalanche down and knew right where to look for me. These guys saved my ass and got me out fast. Seemed like a whole lot longer when in the snow but thanks for the quick work guys. Looking forward to the next ride with you beacon and all.:)


Had the other individuals not known where to look it's likely he'd have been under for a lot longer than he was. It's also a reminder that you shouldn't ride above a trapped rider on a hill like that.

Here's what the poster of the video had to say over at the forum:

This is not my crew. This was a "hey we have a couple friends that want to go" deal. I did not even know there was going to be that many people involved much less careless (or uneducated) people. When I left the house I was under the impression we would have a group of no more than 5 experienced riders. I get to the snopark and it's a dozen riders of all levels. I agree 100% with everyone here on chosing [SIC} who I ride with and will put my foot down next time and break the group up if necessary. I was not happy with this fellow when this happened and he knows it....I told him so. I take no offense to the critisism [SIC], it is just."

Scary way to learn a lesson.

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Slednecks please take note:

1. don't side hill a slope you are sure isn't likely to slide

2. NEVER ride above someone on a slope

3. if your going to be out where avalanches happen, carry gear

a shovel, probe, beacons for all party members at a minimum

Avalanches kill more snowmobilers and show shoe hikers than skiers and boarders every year, just because your on a moving vehicle doesn't mean your not in the backcountry.