When you're lazily cruising along the highway, the mind tends to wander into nightmare scenarios. Someone veers into your oncoming lane, a nut goes into total road-rage mode, or a wayward tire comes bouncing along and smashes you right in the middle of your face. This video contains the latter.

It's not clear what caused a car to lose its tire to begin with, but the person that took the video is physically in one piece, according to the description:

I was driving Westbound on the 401 approaching Salem Road on Tuesday Jan 13th 2015 when a tire flew over the median and smashed into my car.

You can see the white car (heading eastbound) skid off to the shoulder at around 10 seconds.

I'm lucky to be alive.

The time stamp on the video is incorrect.

There's no word yet on their mental condition, though if this happened to me I might just avoid tires, highways, the left lane, and cars in general forever and ever into eternity.