Watch This Guy Escape A Tow By Driving Right Off The Truck

Getting your car towed is, objectively, horrible. And once it’s on the truck, that tends to be the end of the argument you’ve got with The System. Even if you get to your car before the truck drives away, that’s it. Unless you’re this Jeep owner. In which case you just drive away anyways.


From the video description:

We are used to seeing cars get towed out of the Walgreens lot next door with lightning speed (Clark & Ontario). Usually NOT WITH A PERSON IN THE CAR, though. And this guy definitely didn’t want to get towed...

And yeah, it’s one thing to not get towed. But (disclaimer, I am definitely not a lawyer), I’m not entirely sure it’s legal to just drive off a tow truck like that, likely breaking something on the truck in the process.

Nobody wins here.


Nobody wins? I disagree. JEEP GUY WON. I don't even like Jeeps, but this sold me.